Sunday, April 1, 2012

The beginning of a story

Welcome to my small blog. I have been wanting to start one for awhile and always have loved writing about my life, faith and projects. So that's what you'll find here and I'll try to have something for everyone. 
My story starts with my birth. I was born into a loving, Christian family and baptized two months later at my second home, Mount Olive Lutheran Church. Jump forward about twelve years and you would be sitting in my church listening to my faith statement at my confirmation.
Music is a huge part of my life, especially in worship and praise. I sing in my church’s choir as well as my high school’s concert choir. I am a servant at my church through reading scripture and being the assisting minister during services. I always strive to have a servant’s heart. The story in Luke 10:30-37 comes to mind. Neither the priest nor the Levite helped out the poor, hurt man on the side of the road. It was the compassionate Samaritan with the servant’s heart that helped the man. 
My faith started to grow even stronger my freshman year of high school. I made a vow not to date anyone in my years of high school. I was inspired by a strong, Christian role model at the camp I work at in the summers. Even though it may be difficult, I know it will be worth is and it has brought me so much closer to God.
My home church did not have a strong youth community so I turned to Grace Point Church and was welcomed immediately. I have made many good, lasting friendships with the youth leaders and students at youth group. Fellowship is such a necessary aspect of faith. 
I am a junior now and am really involved in my school. I play tennis and lacrosse. I sing and play piano as well. I love creating art through drawing, painting, design and any other way! I am planning on being an art major in college. I have a few really good friends along with others I like to hang out with on the few nights we're all free. I babysit ever so often and love kids! Other than that, I don't have a job and am blessed that I have great parents that can provide for me.
That's only the beginning of my story. I can't wait for the rest.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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