Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prom jewelry

Here's a couple tutorials on my prom jewelry. 

For my earrings,
I found this tutorial on evie s. blog:
“All you need is a hole punch, some pretty paper (the thicker the better, as long as your hole punch will go through it), hot glue, really thin wire (I used 32 gauge) and some earring hooks.
Step 1: Punch out your circles. I used 9-10 circles for mine. (A friend of mine suggested using shellac or spray varnish on the dots to make them for longer wear.)
Step 2: Using just tiny dabs of hot glue, start arranging and gluing your dots together in a random, but linear fashion. You want them to look like they are falling.
Step 3: Clip a small piece of wire and hot glue onto your bottom circle. This is what will connect the final dangling circle to give it the illusion of falling.
Step 4: Hot glue the final dot to the other end of the wire.
Step 5: Attach your earring hooks by punching a tiny hole in your finished piece with a straight pin. I’m not a jeweler, so there may be a better way to do it, but I just latched mine directly onto the hook.”

My notes:
I used scrapbook paper (black sparkly and purple) and that worked great. The only this is that since the undersides of the paper were white and I didn’t lay them on perfectly I went over the white parts with sharpie marker.
Also, I didn’t use wire because it didn’t lie right for me. Instead, I just used thicker thread which worked just as well.
One more note, I tried using super glue but that got very messy and sticky. Stay with using hot glue but itty bitty amounts.

The necklace:
A couple girls I babysat made this necklace. My hair will be up and I don’t want the clasp exposed, so I put the black ribbon on. All I did was hot glue the ribbon on the fishing line. This way I can still clasp it in case the bow comes undone.

Hope you like them! I have fun making them :)

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