Friday, July 6, 2012

Encouraging Word

I love this saying. I can't find who said these wonderful words but they ring true.
Reaching God can be hard according to these standards, but really this is what need to happen in order to have a good relationship with God.
Looking back on mistakes, hardships, trials, it's hard to thank God for those times. We focus on the good memories more than the harsh memories. Stepping back and looking at some of my lower points in life, I can see God does have a reason for each and every thing of the past.
Looking forward and trusting God. Wow, yeah this is hard. The story of the fisherman dropping all their work and leaving their families to follow Jesus comes to mind. I think I would hesitate if Jesus came and asked me to leave everything behind for nothing but following Him. I know I would eventually do this since I love Him more than any thing or person and His Love is enough. Looking at smaller things in the future I find it difficult to make decisions and know if this is really what God wants me to do. I have to trust.
Look around and serve God. I've been doing this a lot this summer in different places. I need to look around my home and see who needs to be served around me. I will be going to volunteer at Trout Lake Camps for the next two weeks and serve kids there. Serving is a necessary aspect but it can be difficult to put others before yourself sometimes.
Look within and find God. Another toughy. Yes, God is always with us. It's our willingness to actually search ourselves for the Truth to have a great relationship with our Father. It takes dedication and an open heart.

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