Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fence to Bench

Our backyard used to have a fence surrounding it, like this:
Like the action shot of the bird flying? Anyways, we took all of the fence down and were going to get rid of them. That's a lot of wood to waste. So, I thought we could make something out of it. I like the look of distressed, reclaimed wood. 

See? Gorgeous. This became a perfect opportunity to get rid of the plastic chairs sitting on our patio  and make new benches! Thankfully my dad knows a thing or two about tools and could help me.
I don't think I can explain how we made them well enough to be recreated by someone else, but here's the finished product!

So much wood combined with liking the bench so much equals 2! And probably 2 more in the making.


  1. That is a really clever way to make a bench! And I love how you made it out of an old fence. Did you nail the wood together piece by piece? Or did you put a bolt through the entire thing to hold it together?

    1. Thank you! We used long screws to secure 4 boards at a time.


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