Monday, July 30, 2012


Cotton and Curls has started this Refashion Nation where bloggers can share their refashion, restyled, uncycled, or redesigned clothing and furniture. I'll be doing more of these types of posts soon!
Here are my Refashioned posts so far:

Fence to Bench
Maxi to Short skirt
Tulle Headband
Prom Dress
Prom Jewelry
Shoe Bow
and the most popular: Hair bow

P.S. There are gorgeous yellow finches eating our sunflower and butterflies dancing around the garden!

The butterfly pictures were taken on my phone, excuse the just okay quality :)


  1. oh what beautiful pictures! i actually found you on cotton and curls! isn't that an amazing link up? i definitely am going to sneak around your blog !!


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