Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Style {Birthday edition}

It's my birthday!

This dress I picked up from a thrift store. $5 find!
It's been a happy day so far! 
Quick trick on a braid: to make it look fuller, take each section and pull on it to loosen.
My hat is from H&M. 

My nails I got done yesterday. It's always good to pamper yourself once in awhile especially when it's with girl friends! Gold tips and bright coral polish makes for some nifty nails :)

pleated poppy

Also, this day marks over 1500 page views for my blog. Thanks to all who have read my thoughts :)


  1. Those gold tips go perfectly with that coral color, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Joslin! I thought I'd try something different :)

  2. Nice nails! The gold tips add a touch of vintage glamour.


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