Saturday, November 10, 2012

knitted infinity scarf {DIY}

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I just learned how to knit about a week ago and love it! I decided for my first project I would make an infinity scarf. It's a big trend right now and usually sells for $40. I made mine for $10.

Here's the supplies I used:

Boye Size 15, 10" anodized aluminum needles 
2-81 yd skeins of Lion Brand, Super Bulky, Dallas gray (#149) yarn

This is the pattern I used (from here):
Cast on 22 stitches
Row 1: (k1, p1) x 3, knit 10, (k1, p1) x 3
Row 2: (k1, p1) x 3, purl 10, (k1, p1) x 3
Repeat alternating row 1 and 2 until you run out of yarn. My scarf ended up being about 50 inches. Seam ends together. 

The end result:
This took me about 5 days. I usually knit when I was watching TV or in between classes.
Here's how the inside (knitted) side looks.

Here's a close up of the outer (purled) side.

The early stages.

My cat liked playing with the yarn ball or just staring at it.

Here's the scarf in a couple different outfits:


  1. How did you get your scarf to lie flat? I just recently made a scarf with this pattern, and the ribbing made the ends curl in making the scarf a lot narrower looking.

    1. I'm not an expert knitter by any means, but I would try knitting more loosely next time. If you used non-acrylic yarn, this link has a way to fix the rolled edges on the scarf you've already made: Hope this helps!


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