Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornaments {glitter and felt}

Add some fun and easy Christmas ornaments to your tree.

Step 1: Take a clear class ornament and tape off the letters (I used peel off letters).
Step 2: Dip the bottom third of the ornament in mod podge (half glue/half water). Sprinkle the red glitter.
Step 3: Tape off the top of the ornament. Dip the top third into mod podge. Sprinkle the white glitter.
Step 4: Take the extra glitter and mix together to create the middle color.
Step 5: Paint mod podge in the middle and sprinkle with the mixed glitter.
Step 6:  Let dry and peel off letters. 
I also stuffed the inside with green felt because the white fake snow (shown in step one) didn't make the letters pop as much as the green does.

Step 1: Fold the felt in half and cut a Christmas tree shape.
Step 2: Here's the tree and now just start putting on jewels. 
Step 3: Here's how mine looked. I used jewels with sticker backs but you could use hot glue instead.
Step 4: Cut a small hole and thread the ribbon through. Tie a knot above the ornament and at the end of the ribbon.
Step 5: Here's the finished product!

Step 1: Trace and cut out a bird shape.
Step 2: Paint a wing in mod podge.
Step 3: Then sprinkle green glitter on the glue.
Step 4: Make a couple of stitches over the rope or ribbon and knot the top of the rope. 
Step 5: Add a jewel eye and you're finished!


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