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*note this information may be out of date, please visit my new blog A river of Joy to keep updated with my life*

I'm Jessinia (pronounced jess-in-ee-ah). My parent's got my name (which means flower) from Guatemala while volunteering there before I was born.

A little about me and my family...
Me in 11 inches of snow
one weekend in December 2012 

I'm from and still live in Minnesota. Winters here are long and cold, but coffee and snow tubing makes it better. My family includes my mom, dad, sister (pictured below) and two cats. We're an adventurous crew with a love for travel and Christ-like passion for helping people. I go to Mount Olive Lutheran Church and attend youth group at GracePoint Church.
I've just graduated from high school along with finishing a year at Bethel University. Next year I'll be doing mission work in the Dominican Republic for eight months. Read this post and visit my other blog for more info.

Why "Sea Glass and Ribbons"? 
I always get really excited when I spot sea glass on the beach. Sea glass represents my love of travel especially to beaches, my time with family on trips and just that it's just plain pretty. And ribbons, well I love crafting, sewing, and making things new and all the better if it involves ribbons! I know it's random, but I wanted something unique :)
My sister and I on the beach in Belize in March 2013

If you're curious about...
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Where else can you see me?
I'm a contributor at Blogs by Christian Women. Head on over there to connect with other Christian Women bloggers and read more written by me.
I've also written a few articles on Project Inspired

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  1. I love your blog title! It sounds so lovely and dreamy and whimsical almost. I like it :)

    1. Thank you! I wanted something totally different but meaningful

  2. Hello, My name is Yesenia. It kinda sounds like yours... Except it is pronounced Yeh-seh-knee-uh. It is a latin name. Where is your name from?
    I would be your newest follower but you dont have a GFC.



    1. That's the Guatemalan spelling on my name! My parents just translated into English. I just added a GFC on my sidebar :)

  3. Hello Jessinia! I would just like to say that you are a very beautiful young woman, and that I like your independent spirit and focus on God. Keep up the good work, and God will take care of the details!
    A guy.

  4. Hi Jessinia!

    I just found your blog and I'm excited to follow along! It's so great to connect with other Christian bloggers. Also, one of my best friends is from Minnesota, which is pretty awesome.


  5. Hi there!
    I just found your blog from Christian Women bloggers and I am so glad that I did! I'm a college freshman so we're pretty close in age and it is so encouraging to see young people so deep in their faith. Have a wonderful day:)


  6. I just found you from MN Bloggers, what a great blog you have and you are not even that old yet! Keep up the great work.



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